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something to understand 2012.
в день, когда все наше человечество шутит/обсуждает/спорит/боится/ждет конца света, один из маленьких человечков Вселенной подводит уходящий год.
until i try -no one can prove to me that i can not.
free yourself from the hope that the sea will ever quiet. we must learn to sail in high winds
what can give one person to another, except for a drop of heat? and what could be more than that?
i realized one simple truth. it was to make so-called miracles with his hands. when the man most importantly - get dear penny, easy to give this coin, but when the soul hides a fiery grain plants - a miracle, make it a miracle, if you are able. new soul will be with him and you. when the prison itself will release the prisoner, when billionaire give scribe villa, operetta singer and safe, and jockey ever hold your horse for another horse that unlucky - then everyone will understand, as nicely as an unspeakably wonderful. but there is no less miracles: a smile, joy, forgiveness, and - in time to the above, the word. possess it - means to own everything.
looking at the people who are struggling for food and air, pray for life, i'm angry at the thought of those who drop out of this life.
do not waste time on silly things, trivial. live seriously. do not go to stupid movies, even if you really want this, do not read the cheap stuff in the newspapers and magazines, do not listen to stuff that sounds on the radio or on TV, do not waste your life to talk about anything. let your life will not be useless.
but you should not have to wait. never. very scary to wait for something.
no! that you do not understand. scary, when there is nothing to wait for.
all the people sent to us is our reflection. and they sent to us, looking at them, corrected their mistakes, and when we correct them, these people are either too change or go out of our lives.
when writing the story of your life- dont let anyone else hold the pen.

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